About Us

Our Organisation


The Vietnamese Community in Australia – New South Wales Chapter is a Community Not-for-Profit Organisation. We proudly represent Vietnamese Immigrants and Vietnamese Australians. 

Our History


In April 1975, Saigon fell to the North communist’s government. Many Vietnamese fled their country. In the following decade. An estimated two million people fled Vietnam, initially seeking refuge in neighboring refugee camps in South-East Asia and later resettling in Australia and other countries. Once in Australia, Vietnamese people wanted to be part of the host society, but they also wanted to maintain their cultural identity. Today, more than 200,000 Australians claim Vietnamese ancestry, and the community is widely considered a model of successful integration into mainstream society.

Our Activities

Our community annually holds more than 25 events at our Vietnamese Cultural Community Centre in Bonnyrigg. It is booked on a daily basis by the 85+ organizations affiliated with the VCA as well as the extended community. We are always looking for opportunities to welcome anyone who can visit! With a NSW population of greater than 75,000 Vietnamese-Australians, highly enriched in the cities of Fairfield, Bankstovvn and Cabramatta, we are an ever-growing community. With such a large population, we are committed to providing vibrant cultural events and welfare services to support everyone as much as we possibly can